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Exclusive Services

From oil changes to new tires, we can pretty much do it all!

Oil Changes

General Maintenance-we can handle routine maintenance on most every make and model. From Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Toyota to BMW, Mini and Mercedes. 


Slow leak in your tire? We can repair that. We carry Hancook tires exclusively, however we can order whatever brand you prefer.  And, we can align your vehicle too. 

We do brakes! And, based on the availability of parts, we can usually have those done fairly quickly. 

alternators, starters, a/c services

We can replace your alternator, battery, starter, and check your electrical system. 

We can also service your A/C system-we do both R134 and YF1234

comprehensive inspections

Thinking about taking an extended trip? Or wanting to buy a used vehicle and not too sure about it? We can perform a comprehensive inspection and let you know the overall health of your vehicle. 

What kind of vehicles do we work on? 

This is a question we get often! We work on:

  • Domestic models                        

  • Jeep

  • Chevrolet

  • Cadillac

  • Chrysler

  • Ford

  • Dodge

  • Buick

  • Lincoln

  • Honda

  • Acura

  • Lexus

  • Toyota

  • Subaru

  • KIA

  • Hyundai 

  • Nissan   

  • Mazda 

  • Mitsubishi            

  • Foreign Models

  • Mercedes

  • BMW

  • Range Rover

  • Audi

  • Volkswagen

  • Mini


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